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We are here to serve your needs. And if you’d like to learn more, let’s get started.


Join us and help change the mindset of mental health!

A Frame of Mind (Body and Spirit) focuses on the reality of mental health as an illness like that of any other ailment or disease. THERE IS NO SHAME in being sick. Why do so many find the need to hide it?

A person with diabetes isn’t shamed for taking their insulin, right? Why do people shame others when they have to take their antipsychotics? It makes no sense!

Join us in spreading the word of acceptance for mental health, mental health practices, and overall quality of life. A Frame of Mind focuses on the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of each individual.

By shopping with us, sharing our posts, or one day booking appointments with us, you are doing your job in changing minds.

People are people. Let’s show some love!

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